Monday, March 19, 2007

Reading List

I think I probably have an addictive personality: fortunately, my drug of choice is not whisky or heroin or gambling or sex, but information. When I get obsessed with a topic I tend to compulsively read, research, and think about it. Since I started expressing myself artistically I find myself reaching further and further, to new media, and every time I learn or want to learn something new it opens up a whole new array of materials to examine. Currently my reading list/library books include:

Artful Paper Dolls: New Ways to Play with a Traditional Form
Beaded Embellishment: Techniques & Designs for Embroidering on Cloth
Creative stamping with mixed media techniques
Celebrate Your Creative Self: Over 25 Exercises to Unleash the Artist Within
Releasing the Creative Spirit : Unleashing the Creativity in Your Life
Kaleidoscope : projects and ideas to spark your creativity
The decorated journal : creating beautifully expressive journal pages
Pretty little things : collage jewelry, trinkets, keepsakes
Artists' journals and sketchbooks : exploring and creating personal pages
Drawing on the right side of the brain

I'm not trying to do all of these things at once, but they're all inter-related in my mind.
Sometimes I feel like if I could just unscrew the top of my head and pour in all the information everything would come together.


Living Out Loud said...

I can relate to your information addiction! I am buying books at a faster rate than art materials, and
whereas for a while, it was mostly art related books which I had to have, now it's about spiritual journeys.

Living Out Loud said...
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