Sunday, February 3, 2008

Another one flies the nest

My "Testimony" doll was raffled off Thursday night, and she was won by one of my co-workers, who was so excited about getting her - she said she comes from an artsy family and that they would all be jealous of her new acquisition. I'm just happy she found a new home with someone who will appreciate her.

So now I need to get to work on another, for the silent auction at our sister affiliate in another city, to take place February 23rd.


Columbus Cuz said...


What a phenomenal piece! I'm so impressed! What is the hair of the doll (as opposed to "the hair of the dog"...) made of? Email me?

Yer Cuz, Nance

KatDoc said...

OK, although I still don't "get" the dolls, I must say she is pretty cool.

Keep on bloggin' and I will link to you to get you some more readers.

Your nagging older sister.