Saturday, September 27, 2008

Public art

I was supposed to go to the Ohio Gourd Show today - I used to go every year, but in 2006 they moved it from a county about 45 minutes drive from me to a county about 1.5 hours from me. Where I used to be able to just pop up there pretty much on a whim - like if I wanted to take a class on Friday, but also come back on Saturday to see the exhibits and shop, it wasn't a big deal - now the trip requires advance planning. Doubling the travel time pretty much means I would have to stay overnight - which in my mind requires more commitment to the gig than I felt. This year I decided to at least go up for the day. I took my camera, so I could do a blog post about it. See, Kat, I was thinking ahead!

Unfortunately, my car had other ideas - stopped to get gas and it wouldn't start again. We got it running, about 2 hours after we had planned to leave town, and I took that as a sign that I probably shouldn't be driving halfway across the state for an "elective" activity. Decided instead we could stop by a local art event in a nearby neighborhood that's trying to get established as a hip and upcoming area. It was fun - "Urban Scrawl" featured a bunch of young artists who, for an inexpensive entry fee, each got a big panel to work on and paint donated by Dick Blick Art Supplies and other vendors.

There were some funky creative people selling jewelry, bags, and small wall art, and the skate bowl was full of young men, largely without requisite safety gear, trying to defy gravity and not break bones in the process.

A lot of the artists jointly purchased multiple panels and worked together to make BIG paintings.
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I can't wait to see this one finished.


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Nice skateboarding shot!


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I have tagged you with the Six Random Things meme.

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