Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ack! Or, the moment of indecision

My worst moment in any art project is always the point of the "am I done/have I gone too far."

All she is at this point, really, is a primed canvas. She is structurally complete and nice to look at and if I wanted to, I could stop here, although that wouldn't really say much.

So now, here she is in all her freaky glory. Is it too much? Is it just wrong? I'm the worst possible judge.

At worst I can still take the hair out (not glued in, YET) and re-cover her head and leave her bald. Help! Tell me I'm not insane.

ETA: Never mind. I love her. Somehow all it took was putting her up for the world to see, especially contrasted with the last set of pics, and DAMN she looks good. I'm really happy with how she turned out. Maybe a little *more* hair. And then all I have to do is paint and seal the bottom.


Dusty said...


She's gorgeous!

KatDoc said...

See? When you post pictures, you get comments. Do more posts where you show the whole process, from beginning to end. Trust me.

~Kathi, aka KatDoc, the nagging older sister