Thursday, February 14, 2008

Found Art

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled over a website for a terrific idea that I think needs better promotion: Found Art. I love their mission statement:

Found Art! strives to make the world a better place right now by empowering people across to globe to share on a soul level. We believe in the power of art to communicate and heal. We believe all people are creative and that the expression of that creativity opens the heart of both the creator and the receiver. Open hearts communicate at a deeper level, are naturally more compassionate, and are more aware and concerned about our global family.

How gorgeous is that? The idea is to leave little pieces of art -- uplifting, positive, life-affirming art, not that there's anything wrong with dark, brooding, acid-tinged art, it's just not a Random Acts of Kindness kind of thing, which is what these folks are aiming for -- in public places for people to find.

Anyway, a while back I started prettying up a laminate sample from the Big Box Hardware Store That Shall Remain Nameless But Uses a Lot of Orange in Their Decorating Scheme. Got it to a point where I liked it (copper surfacer, patinated, stamped with pale green chalk ink in a paisley pattern, edged in copper marker), but had no idea what to do with it from there. Along comes Found Art! and I'm inspired. These little tags are perfect for making little art pieces and leaving them for strangers to find. And before you report me to the Orange Big Box people, I only took a couple, and now a friend has given me her whole string of laminate samples (she's a decorator and had an extra) so I have plenty to work on without depleting the stock that's properly supposed to go to people who are actually contemplating having their kitchen counters redone.

So tonight I came home to find my order of Found Art cards from Vista Print (250 cards printed with the mission statement, free except for shipping) and decided to make my first piece of art to give away to complete strangers. The image is out of my box of magazine cutouts - originally an ad for a CD called "The Prayer Cycle", which came out probably 10-15 years ago. I've been waiting for a special purpose for it. I think this is perfect. I'm going to hang it on the bulletin board at my favorite coffee house this weekend.


KatDoc said...

so, it's been a week, almost. have you checked back/do you plan to check to see if someone has claimed your "found art?"

~kathi, who is looking for art in her daily life

Lisa said...

Doing that this a.m.! I also found out that Found Art (the website) has stickers you can put on your piece that say "this art was made just for you. Take it!" I need to make some of those.