Friday, January 11, 2008

PMC class results

Here's my most excellent first creations in precious metal clay (click on picture for a slightly better view*):

The nautilus at the top is the best, IMHO. I forgot to put a hole in the other shell before it was fired, so if I want to use it as a pendant I'll have to drill it with my Dremel. The round, heavily textured piece doesn't show up too well, but is very pretty. The other two little ones are faces - the one on the left was too thick, didn't get completely dried out before I fired it, and "popped" when the little speck of water boiled (it doesn't show up well on the scan because it's being propped up by the little exploded place on the back.) It's still going to be cool for some project. The second face came out sort of rough, because the clay had gotten a little too dry to work with, so I dampened my hands to give some more moisture to the clay, and when it was fired the surface was sort of pitted. Oh, well, it looks pretty cool anyway.

Yay! It was fun, I got to play in mud *and* set things on fire!

*OH! HAY! If you click on the picture, then click again, then click AGAIN with the little magnifying glass, you get a pretty good look at them!

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KatDoc said...

Hi there, sis! Liking the changes to your blog. I LURVE the PMC stuff. Both the nautillus and the scallop shell look great and I like the other round piece, too.

So, when can I expect a pair of earrings? I'll trade you for a wheel-thrown pot.